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Hi, I’m Alexi! I search for cheap flights all day every day and when I find a great one, I let you know so you can book your next vacation for way less than you ever expected. In the past years, I've developed secret softwares and techniques to detect when airlines offer flights at rock-bottom prices.

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Here’s some of the best deals I found
(all roundtrip flights)
From Toronto:
Toronto to Paris: $169 (regular price: $900)
Toronto to Lisbon: $207 (regular price: $880)
Toronto to Nassau: $150 (regular price: $620)
Toronto to Brussels: $186 (regular price: $910)
Toronto to Athens: $345 (regular price: $1200)
Toronto to Lima: $294 (regular price: $700)
From Vancouver:
Vancouver to Paris: $391 (regular price: $1050)
Vancouver to Amsterdam: $267 (regular price: $980)
Vancouver to Beijing: $207 (regular price: $850)
Vancouver to Hawaii: $210 (regular price: $705)
Vancouver to London: $365 (regular price: $1050)
Vancouver to Dublin: $374 (regular price: $1100)
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